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Does this man snore?

Contributed by James A. Rowley, MD

Name each of the events marked by the arrows.

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The figure shows four 30-second epochs of sleep from an adult sleep study. Shown are two complete obstructive apneas with associated events as below.

#1:       obstructive apneas

#2:       paradoxical movement of the thorax and abdomen in the effort channels

#3:       oxyhemoglobin desaturation

#4:       arousal

#5:       leg movement

Abbreviations: LOC: left oculogram; ROC: right oculogram; CHIN: chin EMG; C3A2, C4A1: central EEG leads; O1A2, O2A1: occipital EEG leads; LLEG: left leg EMG; RLEG: right leg EMG; PSNR: snoring channel; CPAP: CPAP flow channel; FLOW: nasal pressure flow channel; THOR: thorax effort channel; ABDM: abdominal effort channel; EKG: electrocardiogram; SAO2: oxygen saturation channel.

Source: overnight polysomnography              Species: human
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